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Business Advocacy

Our Business Advocacy Committee is a group of politically informed leaders who enjoy keeping up with policies on the national, state, and local level. We communicate with members through surveys, phone calls, and in-person visits to determine what the business community’s top priorities are and inform businesses on policies that will affect them. We become the voice of our business community by keeping a friendly, professional line of communication open between Central businesses and local, state, and national lawmakers. Through member meetings, emails, and phone calls, this committee is helping to protect a pro-business environment.


Serve our members by advocating to promote and protect a pro-business environment in Central.



·         Be the collective voice that represents the Central Business Community.

·         Engage business owners on policy that impacts their business.

·         Create opportunities for dialogue between business leaders and elected officials.

·         Act as a conduit of information between government and business.

·         Inform the business community of proposed actions and opportunities to effectively weigh in on business policy.

·         Support government on actions that align with business priorities and better Central.

·         Develop collaborative relationships with government entities on behalf of the business community.

·         Work toward the common goal of a pro-business environment in Central.

·         Lead, collaborate and support items and projects which meet our mission.

·         Provide information to support an informed voter base.